Upcoming Events

Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. During October we are bringing awareness on the importance of Cyber Security and how to protect ourselves, companies, and information while being virtually connected. Our lives are currently centered around the cyber world, we are living in a tech-driven world. As technology expands and the number of connected devices grows, so does the need for security and network experts. With over 300,000 job openings in the field, students can expect to learn real-world applications of network and security concepts that will open up a world of opportunities.

In this workshop, students will learn beginner and advanced topics in the field of cybersecurity, including threats, hacking, attacks, and cyber defense. Program content is a mix of web-based and hands-on activities. Students will rectify threats in an online simulator, investigate cyber-related topics, create digital footprints, and interact with cybersecurity professionals.

'IT Girl' Summer Series

Launched in 2017, the 'IT Girl' Summer Series is a weekly workshop introducing technology concepts to girls ages 8 to 16. The goal of the summer series is to increase exposure, access, and mentorship for young women of color to develop critical skills in technology, and a future society with more representation and talent in our tech related fields..


Intro to Graphic Design (Procreate)


Procreate is a digital design app designed exclusively for mobile access, most known for having an intuitive workflow, where designers navigate through brush libraries, layers and effects using finger gestures and customized Apple Pencil strokes. Creating digital illustrations will feel intuitive and natural as drawing with pencil and paper. Class covers all the hidden tools and gestures you need to make creating digital illustrations easy and fun.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Accelerator



The SDLC accelerator program introduces development lifecycle concepts to students ages 16 to 22. Managing a modern SDLC project requires a thorough understanding of the various roles that must come together in order to create a successful application. This understanding begins by recognizing the need to work within a multidisciplinary environment.


Fashion x Tech - Intro to UX/UI Design


In today’s technology-driven world, phrases like “responsive design” and “user-friendly interface” have become increasingly important across industries. Fashion and Technology are not fields that have previously been known for their interaction. It can cover everything from reworked supply chains to developments in fiber science, the role of digital media and social commerce, not to mention all the new players entering the space with wearable tech, e-commerce sites and fashion apps.

To celebrate, we’re gathering and introducing together renowned fashion and technology brands and the latest technology trends.

This workshop is designed for students who want to learn the fundamentals to thrive in the field of UX/UI.