Technology has made itself apart of every aspect of our lives today, and the students who understand it are the ones who know about the versatility, earning potential and career demand behind it.

Our workshops aim to give students exposure to technology outside of traditional book learning. The implementation of our programs in communities helps close the gender and race gap by problem solving, logical thinking and the ability to abstract.

By being able to think logically, you can better connect ideas together.





A collaborative network of women of color in technology who are professionals, leaders, and mentors bridging the gap of gender and race in the tech industry.



Founded in 2015, we are focused on exposing underrepresented communities to technology. We currently have chapters in Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, & Charleston, SC.



Increasing daily, our programs along with partnerships have impacted over 100+ young women of color nationwide.

Career Readiness Programs

We're supporting our high school and college students by providing them with a taste of professional work environments and expectations. With our career readiness programs this exposure can help them transition more smoothly into higher education and the workforce. Programs include the SDLC accelerator that introduces development lifecycle concepts through a progress pipeline. Managing a modern SDLC project requires a thorough understanding of the various roles that must come together in order to create a successful application. This understanding begins by recognizing the need to work within a multidisciplinary environment. Our accelerator is five week, project-based intermediate training that builds leadership and in-demand workforce skills by providing students with mentorship and opportunities for meaningful collaboration with industry professionals. Program participants have access to various technical roles that engage and encourage the growth of their critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Summer Series


The ‘IT Girl’ Summer Series is a four week digital and hands on learning camp for girls ages 8-16 to learn in-demand technology concepts. Every June students gain knowledge of a technical concept(s), that ultimately allows them to apply those skills into a project the final week of camp. Additionally, our summer camp focuses on discovering, pursuing, and succeeding in technology through the exposure of technical concepts. The goal of the 'IT Girl' Summer Series is to increase exposure, access, and mentorship for young women of color to develop critical skills in technology, and a future society with more representation and talent in our tech related fields.

Exposure Programs


Within the field of technology are a host of specialized areas. Our exposure programs lets students learn the basics into specific types of technology including but not limited to; cyber security, ux|ui, graphic design and many more. Whether our students want to explore technology as a career option or just want more understanding how it integrates with other industries, we make it happen! Programs range from a full-day or half-day, we’re confident that we create an enriching experience that students enjoy! These short but extensive programs offer instructor led content and hands-on experience that introduces students to the world of tech and how those skills can open doors to career opportunities.

"During the summer program my daughter took computers apart, worked on web design, coding and she truly enjoy every aspect. When the program was over, she came home excited about her website and I couldn’t wait to hear about it…" - Summer Series Parent

“Robyn participated in a program called IT girl which she absolutely loved. Her big project at the end was to put together a website. During the program, she took computers apart, worked on web design, coding and she truly enjoy every aspect. When the program was over, she came home excited about her website and I couldn’t wait to hear about it…” — IT Girl Summer Series Parent