110: RECAP: NgAtlanta Angular Tech Conference

The Next IT Girl Scholarship Recipients

#YouCanSitWithUs The theme behind this year’s NgAtlanta Angular Tech Conference. A two day conference focused on diversity and inclusion. NgAtlanta is organized by Zackary Chapple, for the second year Zack has done an amazing job bringing the global Angular community together to help improve the Atlanta tech ecosystem. There’s a lot of growth happening in tech in Atlanta and local conferences and summits are becoming a huge part of bridging the gap to find talent. Zack took the initiative to bridge that gap this year by providing diversity scholarships to local community organizations focused on creating more representation of people of color in tech. The Next IT Girl happened to be one of those organizations, excited and thrilled to be chosen we were awarded 4 scholarships. These scholarships provide accessibility to attendees who wouldn’t normally have the chance to attend a tech conference or exposure to a new concept or speaker to accelerate their career. Thank you NgAtlanta, NgAtlanta Foundation, and Zackary Chapple for your work in bridging gaps to bring equality in tech. Continue reading to hear from a few of our scholarship recipients on their first time experience attending NgAtlanta.

Jazlyn Graham:

“The car ride from Indiana to Georgia was only the beginning of my NgAtlanta journey. On the first day of the conference after getting comfy in my hotel room, I was joined by a room full of IT professionals to learn about Angular, diversity in technology, and creating the change you want to see. Zack Chapple, ngAtlanta’s creator, did just that by creating a conference where at least 50% of the speakers were women! It is personally something that I have never experienced before being a woman in technology myself, and it felt aspirational to see so many knowledgeable woman presenting their take on Angular. My connections did not stop on stage. We were each given badges that allowed us to connect virtually with the conference speakers as well as the conference attendees in the NgAtlanta app. It was great meeting and connecting with fellow scholarship recipients Shreya and Dixsie on the app and in-person, and of course seeing Napiya again! This was my first tech conference, and based on the positive experience, I plan to attend others in the future.”

Shreya Mehta:

“On Jan 10th and Jan 11th, I had the opportunity to attend NGATL 2019 conference in Atlanta, GA. This conference focused on Angular Frameworks, Angular libraries, developing applications, and much more emerging technologies. I was lucky to be chosen as one of scholarship recipients from The Next IT Girl. Angular was completely new for me, I learned a lot through the speakers, presentations, and InDot Lab’s roundtable discussions. Each presenter shared their personal experiences and gave great suggestions on navigating through technology. My goal is to stay in touch with the presenters and attendees on social media to get more knowledge and continue to follow the conversation. GitHub, Ionic, Nrwl, nstudio, Robert Half Technology, Ultimate software, and more were represented at the career expo to assist attendees in job opportunities. Lastly, it helped me also by building my network. I met some amazing people, who guided me towards taking the next step in my career. I’m grateful for that. I was there not only to learn and network, but also be on the lookout for new job opportunities. I’m happy to share my experience and would love to attend again. I really appreciate The Next IT Girl and NGATL 2019 for giving me this opportunity.”